Aside from the protection leather gives to motorcyclists, there are actually a lot of other uses to wearing leather while riding a motorcycle. When we surround ourselves with leather accessories and accents, we get the look and feel of style and elegance as well as comfort. This is something which cannot be achieved by most other materials.

A Fashion Statement?

The leather gear is a very hard-wearing garment and the more worn it gets, the more attractive it becomes. Leather has always been a subtle symbol of elegance, style and power. 

Maybe due to the bad boy vibe that it transmits, a leather gear seems the epitome of attractiveness, class and especially confidence. No other clothing items have the same timeless appeal that inspires trust and suggests competence and toughness.

 A Passion Representative?

Different Leather – wearing accessories have become a great part of the riding culture and it has evolved to make riding a little easier.  Many motorcyclists use their leather jackets as an opportunity to display something special to them as a part of their personality. Such things may include club colors or military patches. Others may choose to have the name of their loved - one embroidered on the back of the jacket or even wears a certain color of dyed leather to represent something special to them. For example, some bikers may choose to wear pink leather jackets to show their support for breast cancer awareness usually because a loved one has been impacted by it. 


Another reason to wear leather gear may be that many leather jackets, vests, and chaps have durable pockets that can be used for various things. Some pockets even have special zippers on them to keep any moisture out or prevent wind from blowing anything out from inside. This can be quite helpful if you don’t have much space on your motorcycle to store registration, wallet, cell phone, etc.

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