Taking Care of your Jacket

Although leather is naturally dust resistant and long-lasting but with regular use, it can get a bit dirty. If you don't care of that right away, the leather might start to crack, tear and get stiff. Hence, once every two months is recommended to clean your leather products, followed by applying a good quality leather conditioner. It helps maintain the texture of the leather and provides it with the right amount of moisture.

In extreme weather, leather often loses its moisture which can lead to tearing and cracking. Above 60% humidity, freezing cold or burning hot weather are not quite suitable for the leather. So if you regularly clean your jacket, it is less likely to be affected and will last a lifetime. Leather needs special care just like human skin, which is why it’s better to use the products that are specifically made for leather. Market is flooded with leather conditioners; you can use any in order to keep your jacket or any leather product clean and tidy in order for them to serve you a lifetime.

Why is my new leather jacket squeaking?

Part of their charm. If it bothers you, try soap cleaning if it still squeaks you might apply a light coat of Vaseline to area where it squeaks.

Squeaks anywhere usually indicates a need for some kind of lube.

How to hang my jacket or suit?

 Use a hanger! Hanging it on a hook or post is never a good idea because  Leather jackets are heavy and there’s too much pressure and it causes the leather to stretch and the seems to burst. And stretch leather cannot be repaired. 


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