Leather jackets have been an elegant and versatile item of clothing for many decades. Leather Jackets never get obsolete, the styles may change with the passing of time, but they are always trending in fashion for children besides being utterly famous among men and women. 


When it comes to leather jackets, it’s true that Pakistan is considered to be the place where the highest quality leather jackets are produced. In Pakistan alone, there are around 800 Tanneries with 213 members presently recorded with Pakistan Tanners Association engaged with exporting finished leather and/or leather products. These are made primarily of sheep, cow, goat and buffalo skins. Most of the leather companies in Pakistan are based in Sialkot, Lahore, and Karachi. And as Pakistan is a country rich in agriculture, it makes sense that the leather production would be fantastic.Industry experts are of the opinion that Pakistani leather technology and quality are reckoned at 2nd behind only Italy. 


Speaking of agricultural products, Pakistan has enough of a livestock population that around 13 million hides are produced as well as over 47 million skins per year are used. The leather industry in Pakistan has churned out plenty of products, but it’s the leather jackets that are held in high esteem.  


In the 1950's leather tanneries began to pop up in Lahore, Pakistan. This was the beginning of what would become something big for the state, and by the 1970's more advanced factories were blossoming and beginning to produce finished leather. Quality improved through the 1980's, and by 1990 the leather sector in Pakistan had become the second-largest foreign exchange earner for the country. According to businessmirror.com, Pakistan's leather industry is sharing nearly $1B per year and comprises of six sub-sectors including tanning, leather garments, gloves, footwear, shoe uppers, and leather goods. The raw material is collected for the leather is mostly from the slaughterhouses. It is ready after processing in factories using different chemicals and dyed in a different color to make it long-lasting. 


Leather jackets are the perfect clothing item for the winter season. Buying them from a Pakistani designer is the smartest choice that could be made, as the best quality leather jackets with affordable prices are made right here. Designers here usually make their leather jackets carefully, with plenty of experts at the helm of the leather tanneries to create pure natural cowhide and sheepskin into genuine leather jackets. The products are made with precision and with attention to the smallest detail. 




Jeanne CHACHI Fournier

This suit is more than expected. The custom fit is perfect and the custom lettering is over the hill. I am completely satisfied and would highly recommend Leather1142 to do your leather needs.

December 29, 2022 at 03:55am

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